Hello Mamas!

Hello Mamas!

The Springfield airport wants to make travel more comfortable for nursing moms. That’s why it now has its first nursing suite. It’s a place where moms can nurse, or pump breast milk.

The stand-alone suite is the first of its kind it SW Missouri, and part of a recent and growing trend at airports across the country. The Springfield airport has offered family bathrooms for several years. While they are large and private, mothers have rightly pointed out that a bathroom is not an appropriate place for feeding and expressing.

“This is the right thing to do,” says Brian Weiler, airport director. “Over the years we’ve seen a steady increase in moms asking us if we had this kind of facility."

Located just past the security check point, the suite is comfortable and private; it’s clean and well-lighted. It has USB and electrical outlets, counters, bench seating, and a mirror. There’s enough room for mom and baby, a stroller, luggage, plus another adult, or children.

The nursing suite is manufactured by Mamava, of Burlington, VT.