Power Up!

Customer Service Improvements Coming Your Way in 2018!

UPDATE: March 30, 2018: the restaurant construction isn't quite finished, but it's open for business!


We’re bringing significant changes to the airport in the new year — all of them designed to improve your airport experience.

The biggest one (at least in terms of muss and fuss) is expansion of the restaurant in the gate area. But we’re also adding charging stations, and upgrading the free Wi-Fi. These are the first major improvements to the current airline terminal since it opened in 2009.

When we talk to folk about terminal customer service these three items rise to the top — nearly everyone says they need improving.

Restaurant expansion should begin mid-January and end by early spring. Be warned — it will be inconvenient! During the remodel the restaurant will operate in temporary space, with a limited menu. Ultimately, though, the pain will be worth it. Seating will expand by over 50 percent, as will the size of the kitchen. A bigger kitchen means more food choices, including made to order breakfast, and gourmet hamburgers.


We currently have eight dedicated charging stations in the gate areas. That number expands to 80. Most of the new charging stations will be located at dedicated task tables.

The Wi-Fi upgrade should speed up your device’s download speed considerably. Our last upgrade was five years ago and it struggles to keep up. It seems like everyone in the terminal has a wireless device, be it phone, tablet, or computer. People who bring a book to the airport are now few and far between!

The need for these changes is largely the result of growth. In the past six years the number of people flying from Springfield has grown 35 percent. Thanks to all of you for flying Springfield, and here’s to our continued growth in the new year!

Be sure to check out the comceptual drawings below. One shows what a charging station will look like; the other shows the restaurant.

(Above) Give me power! Here's a conceputal drawing of a charging station.

(Below) A conceptual drawing of the remodeled restaurant. It'll be 50 percent bigger than the current arrangement.