Easter Morning at the Airport

April 20, 2014

In which Pinkley goes down the wrong bunny trail


Pinkley Flamingo is in a snit.

It all started in February when the Cupids snuck on the airport during the alpine skiing event. The next thing Pinkley knew he and Franchesca were parents-to-be! He was fuzzy on the details but there was one thing Pinkley knew for sure –– those Cupid arrows pack quite a wallop …

So anyhow ….

Pinkley was taking a Sunday morning stroll to clear his head –– he was a nervous wreck. There were nursery colors to pick and baby clothes to buy and strollers and bibs and pacifiers and diapers and … Ohhhh … that wasn’t the worst of it –– the stork was late!

Yes, the stork was late! Pinkley’s head pounded. “HOW LONG CAN IT TAKE TO DELIVER ONE FLAMINGO EGG?!!!!”

Pinkley closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “RELAX.”

When he opened his eyes he spied a basket over in Farmer Jones’ garden …. had the stork arrived?! He looked in the basket and started to hyperventilate.

Meanwhile, back at the terminal, Franchesca’s cell phone rang. It was Flamingos-R-Us Delivery Service. They said "we have an issue –– like the delivery stork, like, landed at the wrong airport … can you like give us directions?"

Ahem ...

Franchesca calmly gave them directions (again) and thought, “Where’s that Pinkley bird when you need him?” With a sigh she snapped the phone shut.


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