New Terminal Questions

Jun 18 2009 New Terminal Questions BY sgf-admin TAGS Midfield Terminal


Greg has questions:


"I just flew back in yesterday and had 2 questions. First why are there 2 passenger jetways (get from terminal to plane) at the old terminal? Secondly, are there future plans to put in a second luggage carousel? The new terminal is beautiful and love it, just looking forward to McAllisters."


The two jetways at the old terminal could not be retrofitted for the new terminal. We plan to sell them. As for luggage carousels, the new terminal already has two of them, with room to put in a third. I'd guess that a third one will be necessary in 10 to 15 years.


FOLLOW-UP June 19, 2009


More questions! Steven wants to know what will become of the old terminal? We plan to lease the building and are currently in lease negotiations with a company I can't name.


Steven also want to know if the new terminal will get a name? There are no current plans to name it. Colton blogs us, "If you ever do put in a 3rd baggage carousel, will you have to expand at all or will there be room? Also, what is the old terminal being used for right now?"


Yes, there is room for a third carousel. The old terminal is currently empty.

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