"Your numbers are running completely counter to the national trend"


Several things to mention today...they've been piling up all week! Our passenger growth streak continues:  September total passenger numbers were up 13%, compared to the same month last year. Up 5% year to year, and up 19 percent since December 31. Our air service consultant summed it up best: "Your numbers are running completely counter to the national trend."


Around the office we're getting a little edgy about over analyzing our good fortunes this year—don't want to jinx it or anything. So if you'd like to know some of the reasons why our passenger numbers are growing, please read a blog entry from a couple of months ago: Passenger Numbers Continue to Skyrocket.


Edgy or not, I do want to mention one thing about September's numbers: United’s numbers look better. The airline's numbers took a nose dive starting in June:


  • June -8%
  • July -15%
  • August -16%
  • September -8%

Yes, United is still down, but not in double digits.  United's health is a nagging concern. To get a feel for where the nag comes from, read this recent story from USA Today.


Heard the good news about Allegiant Air? The airline ended the third quarter, "with a $13.8 million profit that represented a nearly threefold gain over the $4.9 million surplus reported in the year-ago period." It's always nice to have good news to report about one of your airlines! BTW, Allegiant's passenger numbers in Springfield were up 140% in September. Yes, you read right: one-hundred and forty percent.


Got some not-so-good news to report for airline customers: fares continue to edge up. We've mentioned it several times on these pages, but it's worth repeating: fares have no where to go but up. For the past few months most of the airlines have sold seats below cost. As the economy starts to improve, and more people start flying, the airlines will have the traction they need to raise fares. The traction is made possible by the huge cuts airlines have made in the number of seats in the air.  Read more about it from Reuters.


FOLLOW-UP October 27, 2009 Several have asked about the total number of airport passengers in September...what was the actual number? Here it is: 65,342.

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