Jan 04 2011 Feud BY sgf-admin TAGS FAA


We've been watching with interest the on-going feud between American Airlines and travel web sites.  The latest round began when American pulled its business from Orbitz. Then Expedia dropped American tickets from its online offerings.

On its web site, American offers this: "Tickets for air travel on American are no longer available for purchase on Expedia owing to a commercial dispute.  Expedia’s actions to remove American may mislead some customers to believe they have fewer choices, even in situations where American’s fares are lower than other airlines, or when American offers superior schedules."

The Wall Street Journal quotes Expedia as saying, "We remain open to doing business with American Airlines on terms that are satisfactory to Expedia and do not compromise our ability to provide consumers with the products and services they need."

In the final analysis, this feud is all about control and, ultimately, money. Since the early days of the Internet, the airlines have slowly been losing control over their sales. They would much prefer that everyone buy tickets on an airline web site, rather than a travel site, such as Expedia and Orbitz.


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