Passenger Advocates at Security Screening?

Dec 12 2011 Passenger Advocates at Security Screening? BY sgf-admin TAGS TSA


"Two New York lawmakers have called for a passenger advocate at airports to immediately act on complaints by passengers over security screenings." That's the lede in an Associated Press story that ran over the weekend. A New York state senator, and U.S. senator Charles Schumer, want the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to create the position at all airports with screening check points. The lawmakers are probably reacting to the steady trickle of passenger complaints that have received national attention.

Two of the most recent ones involve an elderly woman who says she was strip searched, and a young woman who was toting a purse with a gun-shaped applique. Here's an entertaining quote about the purse incident from

"Gibbs (the young woman) told Jacksonville's WJXT-TV that the TSA agent who inspected her "was like, 'This is a federal offense because it's in the shape of a gun'... I'm like, 'But it's a design on a purse. How is it a federal offense?'" Gibbs escaped being detained by authorities but had to check her bag so that the fake gun's invisible bullets wouldn't go off inside the cabin, theoretically killing all of her fellow passengers as they ascended into the clouds and entered an alternative universe at 30,000 feet."


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