Just Google It!

Nov 26 2013 Just Google It! BY sgf-admin TAGS Midfield TerminalMisc.


Image of map

The folk at Google have made it a little bit easier to navigate our terminal building — take a look at this screen shot:

This screen shot is from an iPhone. It shows the floor plan of the terminal as viewed on Google Maps. It's part of Google's Indoor Map program.

The floor plan is visible on smart phones, and other mobile devices, as long as the satellite view is turned off. It’s also visible on desktop computer web browsers, as long as Google Maps is in the classic configuration, with the satellite view turned off.

Give it a try by clicking here: https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=37.239135,-93.39595&spn=0.003617,0.008256&t=m&z=18



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