New Terminal Questions and What About That Unnamed Airline?


Dustin wants to know: So how will the transition to the new terminal take place? Will there be all new loading bridges for the passengers or will the existing bridges be transplanted? Also, any word on new food/beverage vendors in the new terminal? And getting back to the "un-named" airline that was supposed to begin servicing SGF (the one that went so far as to sign a ground handling contract with the city), what ever happened to them?


The transition will occur over three months and will begin at a date yet to be determined. When we hit that three month window, the six loading bridges at the current terminal will be taken down and moved to the new terminal. Some of the bridges will be rehabilitated. They will join the four new bridges at the new terminal. During the three month window we'll have to ground load all planes at the current terminal. That means passengers will be outside, walking up and down airplane steps.


As for food in the new terminal, that's yet to be determined.


As for that unnamed airline that I mentioned back in August, it was a small charter airline based in Rockford, Il. They told us they planned to fly several times a week between St. Louis, Dallas and Chicago with 737s full of Branson bound tourist. We haven't heard from them in several months.

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