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May 24 2008 Midfield Terminal Question BY sgf-admin TAGS Midfield Terminal


SGFpilot writes, "I have a question regarding the jetbridges at the new terminal....Are they really going to use the old ones from the existing terminal? You have a beautiful new $130 million dollar terminal and they're planning on sticking rusty old jet bridges that work 1/2 time on there? I think that'd give the NEW terminal a bad appearence. Would they at least paint them all a fresh white color to at least make them look new? Thanks for your insight."


The total cost of the terminal project, including the building, parking lots, ramp, taxiways, etc., is just under $118 million. As for the jet bridges... The assertion that they work only half the time is not right. Rusty? Perhaps you're talking about the color of the paint?


The jet bridges at the current terminal will be removed, rehabilitated, repainted and moved to the new terminal.

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