Delta Cuts Cincinnati Service from Springfield


Delta Airlines is dropping its service between Springfield and Cincinnati, effective August 31. We received word late Friday afternoon. The airline says “The decision was made after careful review of the passenger demand and where they are connecting to and from in regards to the SGF market place.  With the price of fuel at all time highs, we find ourselves having to make decisions like the CVG-SGF service.”


The news is disappointing but not a surprise. As we’ve said many times on this blog and in public: “we’ll be lucky to get through the year without losing service.”


While the airline cites fuel prices as the reason, the pending merger between Delta and Northwest may be a factor as well. To get a sense of how the merger could play into this, consider the following:


  1. Delta and Northwest provide Springfield-Branson with service to five destinations: Cincinnati and Atlanta via Delta. Minneapolis, Memphis and Detroit via Northwest.
  2. Each of these destination cities is a hub for the airlines.
  3. Look at a United States map. See how you can almost draw a straight line from Memphis to Cincinnati to Detroit? That’s too many hubs too close together for one airline. Something has to give with hubs that close together. Considering the fact that Delta dropped Cincinnati service to at least twelve other cities as well, it looks as if the hub status of the Cincinnati airport is in for some major adjustments.

On a vaguely brighter note, Delta is tentatively adding another Springfield daily flight to Atlanta, for a total of four. The airline says it “can serve the demand flowing over CVG from ATL.” Translation: passengers that connected in Cincinnati to other cities can now connect in Atlanta.

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