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Mike wants answers about the airport being built in Taney County, south of Branson:


"If we are already loosing service to one city what does this mean next May when the new Branson airport opens for SGF? SGF officials have been down playing the success of the new Branson airport, but who has the real facts? They are expecting to serve 350-400,000 passengers in the first year. If vacation travel becomes a strong base for them, what if the larger carriers at SGF decide to service just on community? I read the link to the post regarding United airlines in how they are pulling out of over served markets and markets within "close" proximity. They could pull out and we would only be stuck with Allegiant and American eagle on turboprop service to St. Louis. Does SGF even have a plan for the worst case scenario?"


Mike! You’ve got a bunch of questions and thoughts there—hardly know where to start. Let’s start with one of the last things you said: "we’ll be stuck with American Eagle on turboprop service to St. Louis.” Wrong. The St. Louis service is on a jet.


You ask, “If we are already losing service to one city what does this mean next May when the new Branson airport opens for SGF?”


I have no idea—that airport isn’t finished and it apparently doesn’t have service. It’s hard to react to something that doesn’t exist.


You ask, “Who has the real facts?” What facts? You seem to suggest that the large airlines will put out of the Springfield-Branson Airport and set-up shop in Taney County. That isn’t going to happen.


You ask if we have a plan “for the worst case scenario?” What scenario is that? Losing all service because of an airport in Taney County? That’s a worst case fantasy.

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