Ownership and Governance

The airport is owned by the City of Springfield and overseen by an 11-member administrative board. Airport Board members are appointed by the Springfield city manager, with confirmation made by the city council.


Airport Board

Ed Brady, chair
Alison George, vice chair
Jim Anderson, secretary
Jamie Trussell, assistant secretary
Joe Carmichael
Robert Fulp
Michael Hoppman
Sterling Huff, Jr.
Catherine Moore
Robert Spence, D.D.
Tez Ward


The airport owns and maintains the basic infrastructure: the terminal, the runways, runway lighting, navigation systems, etc. The airport is, in effect, a landlord. It leases space to private companies, such as airlines, rental car agencies and restaurants.



The airport is self-supporting, meaning that it operates without local, or state tax revenues. Daily operations are funded by user fees, money generated from leases and contracts with the airlines, and other businesses that operate at the airport. Grants from the Federal Aviation Administration are received on a matching basis for the funding of qualifying improvement projects. Federal grants are funded mainly by federal fees on airline tickets, aviation fuel and cargo shipments.



The airport has its own commissioned police force. These officers do everything you would expect from any police department, but they do not screen passengers (or their luggage) before they get on the airplane. The airport also has its own fire department.

The screening of passengers and luggage is done by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA is part of the federal agency known as the Department of Homeland Security.


Air Traffic Control

The airport control tower is run by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA is part of the federal government. Towers are staffed by the FAA, or by private companies that are under contract to the FAA. The control tower at the Springfield-Branson National Airport is owned and staffed by the FAA.