Jul 13 2010 Springfield Ranked #5 in 2009 BY sgf-admin TAGS


The federal government's preliminary passenger tally for 2009 is out. It's a 14 page document that shows 2009 enplanement numbers for each of the nation's 538 commercial airports. Enplanements are the number of people getting on an airplane. Example: if an airport had 1000 enplanements in 2009, that means it boarded 1000 passengers. The federal passenger tally shows that of the nation's 150 largest airports, we were ranked number 5 in passenger growth. Here are the top five passenger growth airports:

Jun 25 2010 Follow-up: Spin Control? BY sgf-admin TAGS


Jason has explained the logic behind his thought that the Branson airport caused last year's upswing in Springfield passenger numbers:

"Prior to Branson Airport opening in May 2009, out of the top 150 commercial service airports in the country, Springfield consistently ranked in the top 15 as one of the highest airfare airports in the country. Those are DOT numbers not mine. Branson Airport brought low fare competition to the region and effectively lowered fares from Springfield."

Jun 17 2010 May Numbers Down, Airlines Pleased as Punch BY sgf-admin TAGS


Our passenger numbers are in for May and they show that we were down four percent for the month and four percent year-to-date. Here’s how the numbers breakdown, showing a month to month comparison:

  • May 2009: 81,496 total passengers
  • May 2110: 67,609 total passengers

Take a look at how the individual airlines did during May 2010, compared to May 2009: