Nov 26 2013 Just Google It! BY sgf-admin TAGS


Image of map

The folk at Google have made it a little bit easier to navigate our terminal building — take a look at this screen shot:

This screen shot is from an iPhone. It shows the floor plan of the terminal as viewed on Google Maps. It's part of Google's Indoor Map program.

Aug 16 2012 Listen to the Sound of FiFi BY sgf-admin TAGS


As many of you know the B-29 bomber nicknamed "FiFi" was in Springfield the past couple of days. It's a World War II vintage bomber and the last of its kind that still flies. We thought you might like to see some of our home video of the old warbird. While the plane certainly looks good, be sure to listen to the old beast. Hard to imagine that a machine of war can sound almost like an old farm tractor... And how about those squeaky brakes?


Jul 23 2010 Remodeling Old Terminal BY sgf-admin TAGS


The rebirth of the airport's old passenger terminal continues. These photos were taken last week and show the extensive interior renovations made by the travel company Expedia. The Internet travel company leased about two-thirds of the old terminal in February and plans to move in later this year. The remainder of the building is leased to the Missouri National Guard.

Apr 30 2010 Old Terminal Changes BY sgf-admin TAGS


The old passenger terminal, which has sat empty for nearly year, is coming back to life. This week construction crews for Expedia began extensive interior renovations. When they're done, Expedia will use about two-thirds of the building. The Internet travel company leased part of the terminal in February and plans to move in later this year. The old place looks kind of creepy right ought to look a lot better when the construction is done.