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Dave Mills

Oct 30 2014

Good Advice Is Hard to Get

In which Pinkley meets the airport gnomes ...

Pinkley Flamingo is perplexed — Halloween is nearly here and he needs a costume …

He’d tried, but Halloween costumes for flamingos are hard to find …

Mouse ears wouldn’t stay on his head …

The Napoleon sword stuck him in the derriere …

Yes, Pinkley needed costume advice. Bill, the airport custodian, decided to step up …

“Listen, Pinkley, what you need is some A1, top-notch advice and I’m here to give it to you!” Pinkley waited with bated breath …

Bill waved his hands in the air, adjusted his coif ', and stared at Pinkley with great intensity.

Pinkley blinked …

“You need to see the airport gnomes! Yes sir, you need to see the airport gnome called David Mills!”

Pinkley was unconvinced.

Bill stared. His eyes pierced Pinkley. Pinkley squirmed. Not knowing what else to do, Pinkley went off in search of the gnome.


Airport gnomes are persnickety. They spend most of their time kicking bag handlers in the shins, and jamming up baggage carousels. When you need one, you can’t find one.

Pinkley looked all over the airport. Nary a gnome to be found. He was about to give up when he found a gnome meditating on the south lawn.

“Excuse me sir, are you the airport gnome David Mills?” The gnome took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“Pinkly…I am your father. But you can call me Dave Mills.” Puzzled, Pinkley decided to play along …

“Yes, sir — I need a costume for Halloween but can’t find any that work. Do you have any suggestions??

A Zen moment was upon the gnome …. His eyes remained shut.

“Ohmmmmm … Pinkley!

As your father I made you in my image, but something went astray. Therefore you should dress as an airport gnome for Halloween!”

Pinkley was not at all convinced, but David Mills insisted and then returned to his Zen state.

Finally, he spoke again … “When you are ready, meet me at the Totem of Dazzling Light!”

And with that the conversation ended.

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