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Getting Through Checkpoints Speedy Quick

May 18 2023

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides protection for airline customers through the use of security checkpoints at airports. While checkpoints are vital for security, we understand that it seems like a burden to a busy traveler. Follow these tips to get through checkpoint security quickly.

Tip One
  • Know what you can and can’t bring through security. Items that will not make it through the TSA security checkpoint range from firearms and pocketknives to foam toy swords and golf clubs. Even paint can be detained at the checkpoint if it’s flammable. For an exhaustive list of what can and cannot be taken through the checkpoint, visit the TSA website.
Tip Two
  • Dress for success. Wear slip-on shoes & socks for easy removal before screening and to avoid walking through the checkpoint barefoot. Avoid wearing anything that looks like a weapon; for example, a necklace shaped like a pair of brass knuckles won’t be allowed through security, so pack your edgy jewelry in your checked bag. Check out this story about a woman who missed her flight because she had a purse with a gun decoration on it. While preparing to go through the checkpoint, you may have to remove your outerwear, such as coats and jackets. These items will have to pass through the x-ray scanner and having them off in advance will help things move more quickly.
Tip Three
  • Prepare your papers ahead of time. One of the biggest traffic jams at security checkpoints is caused by people waiting until the last minute to start pulling out documents. You can prepare for this ahead of time. Much like you can pack so that your laptop can be easily removed for scanning, you should pack so that your ID and boarding pass are easily accessible. While preparing to pass through the checkpoint, get your ID and boarding pass ready to go.
Tip Four
  • Show up early! This really is the easiest way to ensure a low-stress TSA interaction. When you’re cutting it close, you can become frazzled and disorganized, increasing the time spent in the security process. It’s also difficult to estimate how busy the airport will be when you arrive for your flight. Showing up 2 hours before takeoff could save you from missing your flight.

TSA Web Resources



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