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Halloween Nightmare

Oct 26 2023

Oh, My!

A Halloween Nightmare 

Pinkley Flamingo gazed with wonder at the glowing jack-o-lantern and its festive treats. 

He scarcely believed his beady eyes: how could one evil lantern hoard so much seasonal sugary goodness?? Candy corn spilled from its mouth, even the top of its head ….

Pinkley was in a deep dark corner of the terminal basement — a place visited by few, except the occasional airport gnome. His journey to this dark space began earlier today when he discovered a trail of candy corn. It ended here — at the gorged lantern, along with its guardian, a Great Spook Mingo.

Pinkley drooled on himself; the result of a sugar high stupor –– he’d eaten the candy corn trail!

The Spook Mingo rumbled: “What do you want you paltry piece of pink plastic plumage????”

The lantern belched and candy corn spilled from its mouth. Somewhere off in the distance an airport gnome giggled.

Pinkley trembled. “Oh please, Great Spook Mingo, may I have some more candy corn?

“Why?!!!” roared the Spook Mingo. “Have you not seen what happens when you eat the corn that taste like candy?!

The ground shook; Pinkley wiped spittle from his beak.

“No sir! I have not and I ….”

“Look at me and behold," interrupted the Spook Mingo. “I lost my soul long ago to these sugary globs — a great rot from within!” Do you wish the same fate????"

Pinkley managed a stammer, “but I love the candy that taste like corn!”

“YOUR BEAK WILL ROT!” roared the Spook Mingo. “You will have a bag of peanuts and a can of Sprite! That is what we serve here!"

Pinkley fell to the floor, cowering. “But, butbutbut … I have three pounds of candy corn coming to me on my frequent flyer miles!!!!”

“Very well then! There will be a refreshment change fee of $125, plus a reduction of your frequent flyer miles!”

"I’ll pay, I’ll pay,” cried Pinkley. “Please just give me that candy corn!” A gnome quickly relieved Pinkley of his cash.

The Spook Mingo laughed; the lantern belched — another gnome pushed a refreshment cart out of the darkness; piled high with peanuts and sugar free Sprite!

“Arggggh!!!!!!” Pinkley awoke with a start.

He scratched his tail feathers, sat up in bed and gobbled some candy corn from a bedside bowl.

“Whew!” And with that he plopped back down, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Unfortunately, Pinkley slept in and did not arrive at the airport 2 hours early. He missed his flight. Don't be like Pinkley.

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