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People are Flying Again

May 20 2021

People are flying again. In April the number of airline passengers using the Springfield airport was up 1,066 percent, when compared to the same month last year. It's a big increase, but requires perspective.

Let’s begin by looking at April of last year — that’s when the bottom dropped out of the airline industry due to people staying home because of the pandemic. Trips were canceled. Airlines watched passenger numbers plummet. Airports seemed like ghost towns. In April of last year our airport hosted just 5,762 airline passengers. The year before, in 2019, the April number was 88,147.

In April of this year passenger numbers were up to 67,228. A big increase, right?! Well, yes, it is, but it’s still 24% below the pre-pandemic time of April 2019!

Image of table showing passenger numbers

Many airline industry analysts expect it will be at least two years, and perhaps three, before passenger numbers in North America return to 2019 levels. Not that we’re complaining.

It’s good to see a strong upward trend in passenger numbers. It means that folks are getting the confidence to travel again. Everyone here at the airport is doing their part to help restore that confidence.

Here’s what to expect at our airport …

As mandated by federal law, everyone entering the terminal must wear a mask. Additionally, masks are required on-board the airplane. No mask, no fly.

Inside the terminal custodians are busy cleaning surfaces that people touch: counter tops, doors handles, rest rooms. Furniture is wiped down several times a day. Hand sanitizing stations are located at strategic locations throughout terminal.

At the security check point TSA staff wear masks, rubber gloves, and face shields. The gray bins are cleaned after every use.

Counters have sneeze guards. Social distance stickers mark the floor. Airlines deep clean aircraft every day.

All of us look forward to welcoming you back — when you’re ready.


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