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Pinkley - Advisor to the Real Stars

Jul 22 2023

Pinkley and Barb in car

well, moi suggested she try pink hair but she said, well like fur real ⁉️   no way I'm blonde and thats just the way it is Pinkley,  ❗️right ⁉️   and then i said just drop me off here Barb and i'll call an Ứbr and go to the beach fur petes sake ‼️
Note from the management: Pinkley is still at the beach, but we're expecting him back in Springfield next week if the airline lets him on the plane. He was kicked off a flight earlier this week when he raised a ruckus because the flight attendant told him they didn't have boiled shrimp. It's been a great vacation around here, nice and quite.



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