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Protect Yourself and Others, Mask Up!

Aug 11 2020

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, research increasingly favors both individual mask-wearing and policies requiring universal masking. It suggests that masks not only help stop the spread of the coronavirus — by preventing the spread of virus-containing droplets that people spit out when they talk, sing, laugh, cough, sneeze, and so on — but that policies requiring masks work to significantly slow community transmission.

Masks are now required by city ordinance within Springfield, including within the airport, and required or highly recommended by the airlines at our facility. So before you make your way out of the house for groceries, socially-distant events, or air travel, you’ll want to procure a mask and keep the following tips in mind.

To maximize effectiveness and meet city guidelines, your mask must cover both the nose and the mouth. It should cover the bridge of your nose to under your chin and stretch about halfway or more toward your ears with no gaps.

To keep glasses clear, try a mask with a metal piece to shape around the nose, using medical tape to secure the top of the mask, or trying an anti-fog treatment for your lenses.

To beat the heat, choose a breathable material like cotton, keep your mask as dry as possible, skip makeup underneath the mask, and bring a spare just in case you need to swap a damp, hot mask for a fresh, cool one.

Wash fabric masks with soap and hot water. Keep a few handy so only have to wash them once a week. It can also help to have a few in fun colors as well as neutrals and think of them as accessories- protective, functional accessories.

Studies do emphasize that masks don’t fully replace the need for other precautions against Covid-19. So even with a mask, everyone should continue to wash their hands, keep 6 feet from others, and avoid large gatherings, particularly indoors.

The airport is continuing to encourage social distancing and frequent handwashing, in addition to mandatory masks. If you find yourself in need of air travel during the pandemic, the Springfield-Branson National Airport will be here, doing our best to help you travel safely.

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